TL;DR: Like a good book you can’t pay, Alikewise is a good website you can’t help but end up being pleased with. By coordinating users by the types of books they like, Alikewise is using market matchmaking market to the next stage. 

When considering books and market relationship, nobody is since enthusiastic as Matt Masina and Matt Sherman, the co-founders of

From fiction to non-fiction, and everything in between, Alikewise doesn’t keep any web page unturned whenever assisting individuals select really love through their most favorite writers and publications.

Cannot assess a book by the cover

While most gay interracial dating sites accommodate their members by things such as place and get older preference, Masina and Sherman knew there seemed to be market for a new sort of dating solution. The evidence is in the solid preceding Alikewise has gained since their 2010 release.

Courtesy a killer relationship, Alikewise has the ability to set folks through Amazon’s book recommendation motor. Do you like «The Girl making use of the Dragon Tattoo»? Then you may end up being appropriate for a person that wants «Gone woman.»

Its able to create a profile, browse through other people and send messages on Alikewise, you’ll find in U.S., Canada, the uk and some various countries.

Masina said one of the best qualities regarding the site is not just can people get a hold of others who will review what they choose review, even so they may use that typical surface as a means to getting understand one another on a much deeper degree.

«the reality that both of you like guides, we feel, could be the link, and after that you will appear at what books people like in order to learn a lot more about all of them,» the guy stated.

Exactly why guides are excellent matchmakers

Masina said Alikewise people are not like those you find on various other internet dating sites (no shirtless mirror pictures here!)

With catchy profile brands like «Bluegrass_Book_Lover» and «PaperBackWriter,» Alikewise people are exclusive breed, so they require exclusive option to meet people – another kind of matchmaker for a moment.

«Having shops to satisfy other individuals that like guides is actually essential,» he stated. «Book checking out as a hobby isn’t just a personal recreation where youwill meet others, therefore I believe the complete concept of having this retailer is actually attracting all of them [users].»

Masina describes the standard Alikewise individual due to the fact much more serious, type and rational type, which loves classics like «The Catcher from inside the Rye» but doesn’t care about branching aside with Harry Potter from time to time.

«I look at the website and I’m merely amazed at the standard of people that are on our website. They’re all relatively intelligent, and I also think that’s exactly what pushes men and women to genuinely wish to meet one another,» Masina mentioned. «it is geared toward really serious individuals who are interested in discovering a person who they would like to fall in love with.»

Starting a niche revolution

From the commencement, Masina and Sherman have received lots of good feedback from people and the online dating market overall, particularly in the market internet dating globe.

Masina stated the best part about market dating sites is the enthusiasm behind individuals which make certain they are and make use of all of them, therefore a lot more high-quality services even more matches around.

«People are going to would like to try different markets and differing internet sites to see where they may be fulfilling people they may be much more appropriate for. We consider it as more of that which we name ‘coopetition,'» the guy said. «It’s just creating the whole category of websites that is crucial – getting individuals feel at ease with online dating sites is very important. It’s the obligation of this entrepreneurs available while the existing online dating services to give you different markets that folks are seeking, and we thought this is a great one to start out with.»